Connect Groups

Connect groups, sometimes called home groups or small groups or indeed fellowship groups, play a very important part in the life of Surrey Chapel. Whilst we do not consider ourselves a large Church and whilst we do everything we can to make people feel incredibly welcome, we do realise that even amongst 200+ people on a Sunday morning new people or even long standing members might find it difficult initially to make friends and feel part of what is going on

Connect groups enable people to join smaller sections of the Church which meet in a number of homes across the City and some at Surrey Chapel itself. Generally, groups meet to study the bible together, pray and chat. We find friendships develop and grow and the various people look out for each other, support each other and enjoy sharing different aspects of their lives.

Most groups have a really diverse age range and often you find yourself getting to know someone you might not bump into on a Sunday

We meet fortnightly throughout the year. The bible studies are led by different members of the group and this gives the opportunity for lots of people to take turns at preparing and leading in a friendly, comfortable and non threatening environment – but only if they want to! Cakes and coffee are of course a regular and very important feature and groups often arrange social events for added variety!

Most groups meet on a Wednesday or Thursday evening but in addition there are two groups that meet at the Chapel. Inner Link was recently formed for those living nearby and available during the day and they meet on a Tuesday afternoon for a meal and bible study. On Wednesday afternoon the Midweek Fellowship Group get together and they meet for bible study or sometimes invite a guest speaker.

More details including venues are available from Philip MacDonald Get In Touch