Surrey Chapel is made up of a tremendous mix of people from different backgrounds who meet as part of God’s family in Norwich. We get together during the week in a variety of groups in different locations and at varying times of the day. We recognise that we live in a busy world with all sorts of demands on our time and our programme of events is designed to cater for all ages in all sorts of way.

Our young people are very important to us. Bible Class and Young Church on Sunday are designed to both entertain and teach in a safe and friendly environment. During the week, Friday evening is the time when our young people meet with Jam Club for 7 – 11 year olds and AIM and AIM Higher for those from 11+. At Surrey Chapel, we think it’s important it is to provide opportunities to get together and make friends whilst having a laugh too so the range of events is designed with this in mind.

Friday morning gives us an opportunity to welcome our youngest people as Mums and Toddlers gather. This group is hugely popular and it is great to see everyone having such a fantastic time together.

We have a real commitment to those somewhat older recognising their contribution to the life of our Church. A number attend one or both of the art groups on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Wednesday afternoon is the day when there is an opportunity to meet for bible study or welcome a speaker perhaps from commerce or another walk of life and Friday afternoon sees another chance to get together.

Ladies, what about Active8? Get together and enjoy a variety of events to which you can invite your friends. Summer garden party, Christmas cake decorating, quiz and chips and many more

And not forgetting the men. We call it Momentum.  Join us for a treasure hunt, ten-pin bowling, a wine tasting or watch a sporting event.

There is something for everyone, a chance to get involved and make friends and the opportunity to bring others along so they can find out why we have such a great time together.