Family Support

At Surrey Chapel we recognise the very great importance of family. Of course we are one big family of God but also we are made up of many, many family units living at a time of economic challenge and where there are lots of pressures on relationships. As a result something of what we do is designed to help and support in a number of life’s different situations.

We offer a number of courses to help you prepare for and manage some of the priority areas of family life

CAP Money Course

The CAP money course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple cash based system that really works. The course helps you to gain more control over your finances so you can save and prevent debt. Run over three nights, the course is available to anyone – whether you attend Surrey Chapel or not

Marriage Course

Marriage is under attack in our society; many feel it is an outdated institution. We don’t agree. We see huge potential and value in every marriage and the marriage course we run over seven nights aims to show not only how we can remain married but also how couples can make the most of married life together. We spend time examining things like building foundations, effective communication and how to deal with each other when things are not so easy.

Parenting Course

We also run a parenting course. Looking after and bringing up children today poses many challenges and so over three nights we take a look at the key issues involved as we aim to help parents to realise that they already have within their grasp all that they need to bring up their children well. We want Mums and Dads to feel free to enjoy their children and the adventure of bringing them up and to be confident in their ability to be parents.

There is heaps of advice around about relationships and money and we want to keep it simple with information that gives us direction and advice in these important areas of life.