Worship and Prayer

Sunday meetings are central to our church life. We gather together to meet with God and each other – what better way to spend his day? Our style is relaxed, welcoming and accessible but not wacky. In the morning there is normally 200 plus people of all kinds, with many families and nationalities. If you are not a believer, you certainly are not alone; just join in with whatever you’re comfortable. In the evening, typically 60 or so come along – a chance to dig deeper and be more reflective.

Services include…

  • Singing to worship God and encourage each other – perhaps the high point! We sing a mix of the best modern songs and classic hymns. We have a great group of musicians – including children – who support our hearts and voices.
  • Bible teaching: we value a reputation for in-depth, relevant Bible ministry – come and see if it’s deserved! Classic-style sermons are supplemented by all-age talks and interactive teaching. (Children and young people have their own groups in the morning.)
  • Prayer always features – often connected to mission reports. There is a short prayer gathering after alternate evening services.
  • Communion is celebrated most Sundays, morning or evening. All believers are welcome to participate.
  • Giving is also part of our worship, with an offering once a month. This is never an obligation, especially for guests and visitors.

However, that’s only part of the story. For most people the time we spend before and after the service catching up with friends, meeting new people and reflecting on the service is invaluable. Check out the fantastic Surrey Chapel welcome! We share lunch twice or more a term.

Midweek offers two monthly gatherings for all to pray.

  • Church Prayer Night (First and Third Thursdays) includes teaching and news updates about church life, covering areas you can’t cover on Sundays. A must for anyone wanting to be part of the action!  They also offer times for focused prayer on specific ministries in the church and the wider world. The engine-room!