Joining The Family

At Surrey Chapel there is an emphasis on belonging to a family, a community with a shared passion for God and a desire to reach out to others. Membership of the church is a sure means of becoming an active, committed person in the life of the church. We believe that it is vital for a Christian to become part of such a community.

What is it for?

Being a member of Surrey Chapel is a means of mutual support and encouragement; it is a way of working together to bring the Gospel to our community and friends. The members work together with each other, for each other and for the community at large.

Who is it for?

Membership of Surrey Chapel is for anyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her personal Saviour and who wishes to be part of a welcoming community helping to spread the Gospel and to support those in need.

What are the responsibilities?

The church looks to those who would become members to seek God’s guidance in discovering what gifts he has given them and to use those gifts to serve him in the church’s life.

It’s a great privilege to be able to serve God by giving our time, skills and money. We encourage members to:

  • Use money wisely – being good stewards of the gifts we have
  • Give generously – not because we have to but because of what Christ has done for us
  • Help serve people – both in our local community as well as the wider world

Members also have other rights and responsibilities. They are expected to get involved and vote in important decisions the church is required to make over time – that makes sure Surrey Chapel doesn’t take decisions based on the views of a minority of people.

How do I become a member?

Speak to one of the Pastors or Elders if you would like to consider membership.