Investigating Christianity

We provide a range of opportunities for people investigating Christianity, based on two guiding principles.

We are completely unashamed: we believe that the Christian faith is true and good! To find Jesus is to discover the greatest treasure available in life: forgiveness for the past, a fresh start with God in the present and wonderful hope for the future. We want others to hear and believe in him – there’s no secret!

But we also believe that people must come to their own discovery of that before God. It would be wrong (and impossible) to impose faith on others! Our job is to provide the best possible example of faith in action, and then present its basis and teaching, as plainly and honestly as we can. People must reach their own conclusions at their own pace and in their own way, and will have questions of many different kinds – because we have them too! A surprising number do have convincing answers, but Christianity does not have solutions to everything. It is a confidence in Jesus Christ whatever the question may be.

So what opportunities do we have?

  • Sunday services are not just for signed-up “Christians”! It is an ideal time place to investigate for many –  what normal Christian life is like in practice. You can watch or join in as much as you like. We aim to make it all accessible to investigators. Everyone’s welcomed. No-one’s pressurised. Nothing’s assumed.
  • Special groups are offered for people wanting to investigate in-depth and ask questions. These vary in time and place and content, so check out the what’s on pages XXXX to find out what’s available.
  • Our Articles page include links and things you can read or listen to, addressing common questions like suffering, science and faith or Biblical reliability.
  • Finally, you can simply Get in Touch and ask!

Be warned – Jesus is surprisingly compelling! He said “Ask and it shall be given; seek and you will find.” We hope you’ll find Surrey Chapel a good place to start your journey!