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ECM’s refugee work takes place in a number of countries in Europe (including the UK!) but especially with partner groups and churches further east in countries such as Bulgaria, Greece & Turkey and in some of these places there is not the relative wealth there is here and refugees find themselves with little or no medical aid. A COVID-19 outbreak would be catastrophic in the camps. ECM are one of a number of groups who want to raise funds to provide care as well as workers to deliver the care and also to bring the good news of God’s love for them in Christ.

Refugee camp in Bulgaria.

Below are a couple of links, first to the ECM appeal which includes examples of what giving can do. Of course we will be giving a lump sum to be used wherever the need is greatest.

Seond is a link to the How Will They Hear Facebook page (something which ECM is a part of). The video Sharing Jesus with refugees and migrants is the most relevant here.

Click HERE to view an extract from a Hope for Refugees project being run by New Hope who became joined with ECM International a few years ago.

Click HERE to read a testimony from a guy called Ali, a refugee in Bulgaria.

Our thanks to Don Gyton for the information above.